Sandeep Khudanpur

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Accurately modelling pronunciation variability in conversational speech is an important component for automatic speech recognition. We describe some of the projects undertaken in this direction at WS97, the Fifth LVCSR Summer Workshop, held at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, in July-August, 1997. We first illustrate a use of hand-labelled phonetic(More)
To advance research, it is important to identify promising future research directions, especially those that have not been adequately pursued or funded in the past. The working group producing this article was charged to elicit from the human language technology (HLT) community a set of well-considered directions or rich areas for future research that could(More)
This article is the second part of an updated version of the "MINDS 2006-2007 Report of the Speech Understanding Working Group," one of five reports emanating from two workshops entitled "Meeting of the MINDS: Future Directions for Human Language Technology," sponsored by the U.S. Disruptive Technology Office (DTO). (MINDS is an acronym for "machine(More)
The paper is based upon the idea of making the attendance system automated by using the concept of biometric scanning. The attendance marking system is very tedious when it is done manually. This paper aims at trying to make it digital through the use of fingerprint module and then updating the database by transmitting the information through use of Xbee.(More)
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