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Information spotting in scanned document images is a very challenging task. Character recognition has been studied from the past several decades and is still a demanding research topic in the field of pattern recognition and image processing, however their performance will be significantly impaired when the image of the character is partially blocked or(More)
THE paper consists the study of effect of source to substrate bias voltage (applied to an n-channel MOSFET and a p-channel MOSFET) on the leakage current component. The optimum value which minimizes the leakage current is found for n-MOS as well as p-MOS circuit (using simulation as well as mathematical analysis). This minimization of leakage current(More)
The Image of an object through the wall occurs by the penetration of ultra wide band (UWB) wave gets affected by the various impairments like its thickness, dielectric constant, conductivity etc. which should be correctly measured. The failure of which results in the blurring and degradation of the image of an object behind the wall. The wrong estimation of(More)
Recently orthogonal wavelet division multiplexing (OWDM) which use wavelet transform is proposed as an alternative approach tofast fourier transform (FFT) based orthogonal frequency division multiplexing( OFDM )system. It is an efficient approach to replace FFT in the OFDM systems due to its better bit error rate improvement, interference minimization,(More)
Signal processing is the most recently applicable for microwave signals in Through-Wall Imaging (TWI). It is very important to get acquainted with the wall parameters like its thickness, dielectric constant, propagation time through wall etc. for detection of object behind the wall as well as to know the exact position. The wrong or unknown estimation may(More)
Electrode potential measurements have been applied to study electrical characteristics like transport numbers, permselectivity & fixed charged density of zirconium phosphoborate ion exchange membranes. The potential measurements were made across the cation exchange membrane maintained at 27±0.1 °C, using halide and nitrate salts of alkali and alkaline earth(More)
Dispersion in an optical fiber is one of the major limitations which affect its data carrying capacity and causes overall performance degradation. In this paper, Electronic Equalization Technique (EET) has been employed in a multiuser Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA) network to compensate the chromatic dispersion. It has been observed that in(More)
In this work we derive two families of radix-4 factorizations for the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) that have the property that both inputs and outputs are addressed in natural order. These factorizations are obtained from another two families of radix-2 algorithms that have the same property. The radix-4 algorithms obtained have the same mathematical(More)
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