Sandeep K. Arya

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In present work a new XNOR gate using three transistors has been presented, which shows power dissipation of 550.7272µW in 0.35µm technology with supply voltage of 3.3V. Minimum level for high output of 2.05V and maximum level for low output of 0.084V have been obtained. A single bit full adder using eight transistors has been designed using proposed XNOR(More)
In present work, improved designs for voltage controlled ring oscillators (VCO) using three transistors XNOR/XOR gates have been presented. Supply voltage has been varied from [1.8-1.2] V in proposed designs. In first method, the VCO design using three XNOR delay cells shows frequency variation of [1.900-0.964] GHz with [279.429-16.515] µW power consumption(More)
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