Sandeep Daya

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Probiotics for aquaculture are generally only selected by their ability to produce antimicrobial metabolites; however, attachment to intestinal mucus is important in order to remain within the gut of its host. Five candidate probiotics (AP1-AP5), isolated from the clownfish, Amphiprion percula (Lacepéde), were examined for their ability to attach to fish(More)
The application of high-content imaging in conjunction with multivariate clustering techniques has recently shown value in the confirmation of cellular activity and further characterization of drug mode of action following pharmacologic perturbation. However, such practical examples of phenotypic profiling of drug response published to date have largely(More)
Drug combination testing in the pharmaceutical industry has typically been driven by late-stage opportunistic strategies rather than by early testing to identify drug combinations for clinical investigation that may deliver improved efficacy. A rationale for combinations exists across a number of diseases in which pathway redundancy or resistance to(More)
Quantitative microscopy has proven a versatile and powerful phenotypic screening technique. Recently, image-based profiling has shown promise as a means for broadly characterizing molecules' effects on cells in several drug-discovery applications, including target-agnostic screening and predicting a compound's mechanism of action (MOA). Several profiling(More)
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