Sandeep Bhat

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Current methods to build dynamic optical coherence tomography (OCT) volumes of the beating embryonic heart involve synchronization of 2D+time slice-sequences acquired over separate heartbeats. Temporal registration of these sequences is performed either through gating or postprocessing. While synchronization algorithms that exclusively rely on image-(More)
Pulsatile flow is a universal feature of the blood circulatory system in vertebrates and can lead to diseases when abnormal. In the embryo, blood flow forces stimulate vessel remodeling and stem cell proliferation. At these early stages, when vessels lack muscle cells, the heart is valveless and the Reynolds number (Re) is low, few details are available(More)
CONTEXT Spontaneous perforation of rectum is a rare event; however evisceration of the small bowel through the perforated site without predisposing factors is extremely rare, complex and worth reporting. CASE REPORT A 14 years old presented to us apparently as a case of intussception. The operative findings revealed it to be a case of spontaneous(More)
Bright-field (BF) microscopy enables imaging the beating embryonic zebrafish heart at high frame rates, thereby revealing motion of both tissues that form the heart and red blood cells (RBCs). However, single-channel BF images lack the specificity seen in multi-color fluorescence microscopy since all structures in the field of view contribute similarly to(More)
Complete pancreatic transection following blunt abdominal trauma is not a common injury. Distal pancreatectomy with or without splenectomy is routinely performed if the transection is to the left of the superior mesenteric vessels. We performed pancreaticojejunostomy on a six-year-old female patient who presented with complete transection at the pancreatic(More)
High-speed, bright-field (BF) microscopy of the beating embryonic zebrafish heart reveals both static background structures as well as the rapid motion of cardiac tissues and red blood cells (RBCs). However, all structures contribute to BF image contrast, making labeling and subsequent analysis of these images difficult. We review our progress to separate(More)
As larger ATM networks are being installed, the performance issues relating to Private Network to Network Interface(PNNI) protocol, which provides link state based dynamic routing capability in an ATM network have assumed significance. The factors influencing the selection of topology of a network, the number of nodes in the network which share topology(More)
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