Sandeep Basu

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Over the past two decades, a substantial amount of research has been conducted — in the United States during the early days and later in other countries as well — to improve the understanding of severe accident phenomena for more realistic assessment of the associated risk and to address epistemic uncertainties. This research has resulted in resolution of(More)
“This work was financially supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Technology system development (DST-TSD) grant no. PT/2011/178-G, Government of India, New Delhi under “Development of cadmium free high-luminescence III-V and I-III-VI semiconductors based core-shell nanocrystals as nanoprobes for bioimaging applications” for providing the(More)
Near-infrared (NIR) luminescent CuInS2-ZnS alloyed nanocrystals (CIZS-NCs) for highly fluorescence bioimaging have received considerable interest in recent years. Owing, they became a desirable alternative to heavy-metal based-NCs and organic dyes with unique optical properties and low-toxicity for bioimaging and optoelectronic applications. In the present(More)
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