Sanchita Roy

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The sensor nodes in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are typically characterized by limited power supply, low bandwidth, small memory sizes and limited energy, leading to a very demanding environment to provide security. In this paper, we propose a protocol named Fuzzy Logic-based Energy Efficient Packet Loss Preventive Routing Protocol (FEEPRP) that adopts(More)
An efficient solvent-free protocol for regioselective bromination of substituted coumarins has been developed by using dioxane dibromide as the solid brominating agent. The efficacy of the solvent-free protocol has been established. The effects of the electronic nature and location of the substituents on the outcome of the reaction have been rationalized(More)
BACKGROUND The morphologic features of the proximal femur are used in preoperative planning prior to total hip arthroplasty. The standard commercially available marketed prostheses sometimes may not be the best fit to all subjects because of the large anatomic variation among different population. Orthopaedic surgeons always stress the need for a proper(More)
INTRODUCTION The left coronary artery shows a wide range of morphological variations which has great clinical importance. Difficulties may occur during performance of diagnostic procedures, especially in patients who undergo evaluation of percutaneous coronary interventions or during coronary artery surgeries or prosthetic valve replacements. Even, it has(More)
OBJECTIVES To study any possible correlation between arsenic toxicity and the development of oral carcinoma in West Bengal population. MATERIAL AND METHODS Ethical clearance for this study was obtained from the Vivekananda Institute of Medical Sciences. Out of 30 785 patients attending our hospital from November 2012 to July 2015, 107 cases and 50 control(More)
INTRODUCTION The vermiform appendix in human is considered to be a vestigial organ by most of the authors. Absence of appendix is already reported in Indian population. Whether the human appendix is performing any function is debatable but when present it can create trouble. So if there is no appendix we can escape the ill-effects of the organ. With this(More)
Amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation in women of reproductive age. Previous reports suggest that chromosomal abnormality is the second most common cause of amenorrhoea. Early referral for cytogenetic evaluation is recommended for the identification of underlying chromosomal aberrations in amenorrhoea patients. This was an observational study which was(More)
Introduction Biceps brachii is described as a superficial muscle in the anterior compartment of the arm. It is a flexor of the elbow joint and a powerful supinator of the forearm. Standard anatomical textbooks describe the muscle as arising by two heads, a long and a short head arising from the supraglenoid tubercle and coracoid process of scapula,(More)
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