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Cloud computing aims to offer utility based IT services by interconnecting large number of computers through a real-time communication network such as the Internet. There has been a significant increase in the power consumption by the data centres that host the Cloud applications because of the growing popularity of Cloud Computing in more and more(More)
Interval graphs were used in the study of genomics by the famous molecular biologist Benzer. Later on probe interval graphs were introduced by Zhang as a generalization of interval graphs for the study of cosmid contig mapping of DNA. A tagged probe interval graph (briefly, TPIG) is motivated by similar applications to genomics, where the set of vertices is(More)
DNA Computing utilizes the properties of DNA for performing the computations. The computations include arithmetic and logical operations such as multiplication. We first show a procedure for multiplication of a pair of two binary numbers. The procedure mainly consist of bit-shift operation where the operation depends on bit position of one's (ignoring(More)
— Task scheduling plays a key role in cloud computing systems. Scheduling of tasks cannot be done on the basis of single criteria but under a lot of rules and regulations that we can term as an agreement between users and providers of cloud. This agreement is nothing but the quality of service that the user wants from the providers. Providing good quality(More)