Sanchita Paul

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Diabetes is a condition in which the amount of sugar in the blood is higher than normal. Classification systems have been widely used in the medical domain to explore patient’s data and extract a predictive model or set of rules. The prime objective of this research work is to facilitate a better diagnosis (classification) of diabetes disease. There are(More)
Abstract: DNA cryptography is a field of bioscience technology used to encrypt large messages into a compact volume. Nowadays, substantial amount of active research is being done in the field of secure data transmission. In this work, an algorithm has been proposed in which a two-part key generation scheme is performed, which is helpful for both encryption(More)
In this time of chaotic era, where world is widely affected by diseases such as diabetes, there exists a need for an expert system which can predict diabetes at the very early stages with minimum of fuss and in a time efficient manner. The system should be efficient enough to forecast whether a person is suffering from diabetes or not, with the ability to(More)
The growth of science and technology contributes in the growth of social website and electronic media at vast scale. Due to development in field of information technology, all information about anything is globally available on internet, which is great source of data and information. Data or data sets available on internet in unstructured form. To analysis(More)