Sanchita Gupta

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The family Solanaceae is the source of several economically important plants. The aim of this study was to trace and characterize simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers from unigene sequences of Solanum lycopersicum, an important member of family Solanaceae. 18,228 unigene sequences of Solanum lycopersicum was taken in order to develop SSR markers and(More)
Humulus lupulus is commonly known as hops, a member of the family moraceae. Currently many projects are underway leading to the accumulation of voluminous genomic and expressed sequence tag sequences in public databases. The genetically characterized domains in these databases are limited due to non-availability of reliable molecular markers. The large data(More)
DbMDR is non-redundant reference database of multidrug resistance (MDR) genes and their orthologs acting as potential drug targets. Drug resistance is a common phenomenon of pathogens, creating a serious problem of inactivation of drugs and antibiotics resulting in occurrence of diseases. Apart from other factors, the MDR genes present in pathogens are(More)
The objective of the present study was to repurpose L-menthol, which is frequently used in oral health and topical formulations, for cancer therapeutics. In this article, we argue that monoterpenes such as L-menthol might offer veritable potentials in systems medicine, for example, as cheaper anti-cancer compounds. Other monoterpenes such as limonene,(More)
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