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Objective: The basic goal of study is to determine the etiologies and treatment results of septic arthritis of shoulder, hip and knee joint in patients under 5 years old. Other purposes were estimation of the predisposing factors in development of septic arthritis, determination of frequency of clinical signs and symptoms in patients, determination of(More)
Virtual private networks (VPNs) are widely recommended to protect otherwise insecure industrial control protocols. VPNs provide confidentiality , integrity and availability, and are often considered to be secure. However, implementation vulnerabilities and protocol flaws expose VPN weaknesses in many deployments. This paper uses a probabilistic model to(More)
Background: The scaphoid is the most frequently fractured carpal bone. Those fractures are commonly difficult to diagnose and usually go undetected. If the patient does not get medical attention considering that it was a trivial wrist trauma, or if the patient is not appropriately immobilized for enough time, Healing will not occur, partially due to the(More)
Mobile agent technology is one of the fastest growing areas of research for application development on the Internet today. The potential of mobile agents to perform many tasks, from the menial and routine, to the more complex ones has been widely recognized and thus spurred. However, the lack of a fault tolerant infrastructure and methodologies that address(More)
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