Sanatan Chattopadhyay

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Nickel nanoparticles synthesized from NiCl2·6H2O by hydrazine hydrate in mixed solvent of ethanol and water in the presence of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) as protective and stabilizing agents. The morphology and sizes of synthesized Ni nanoparticles were studied by field-emission-scanning-electron microscopy (FESEM). Structural properties of(More)
Electrical and physical properties of a metal-oxide-semiconductor [MOS] structure using atomic layer-deposited high-k dielectrics (TiO2/Al2O3) and epitaxial GaAs [epi-GaAs] grown on Ge(100) substrates have been investigated. The epi-GaAs, either undoped or Zn-doped, was grown using metal-organic chemical vapor deposition method at 620°C to 650°C. The(More)
Performance enhancements of up to 170% in drain current, maximum transconductance, and field-effect mobility are presented for nMOSFETs fabricated with strained-Si channels compared with identically processed bulk Si MOSFETs. A novel layer structure comprising Si/Si0 7Ge0 3 on an Si0 85Ge0 15 virtual substrate (VS) offers improved performance advantages and(More)
This study sought to detect the presence of sucrose as an adulterant in selected honey varieties from different floral origins by employing Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technique which has been simultaneously supported by Fourier Transform-Mid Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-MIR) measurements to provide a rapid, robust yet simple platform for honey(More)
Vertically oriented, high quality n-type ZnO nanowire/p-Si heterojunction photodiode is fabricated by inexpensive chemical bath deposition technique. Under 5.30 mW/, 374 nm UV irradiation in air, photodiode offered a maximum self-biased photocurrent and photosensitivity of -26.55 μA and 23000. Photodiode exhibited very stable, rapid self-biased(More)
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