Sanam Mirzazad-Barijough

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—This paper considers asymptotic stability and transient performance of discrete-time piecewise affine systems. We propose a procedure to construct a nested sequence of finite-state symbolic models, each of which abstracts the original piecewise affine system and leads to linear matrix inequalities for guaranteed stability and performance levels. This(More)
We introduce the Lifeboard: a dynamic information interface designed to render personal data so as to positively influence wellness outcomes. We report on the results of an experiment that compares the effect of presenting clinically significant data to subjects on their activity levels, with the effect of presenting the same data using the Lifeboard. The(More)
—OpenADR 2.0, an internationally-recognized standard for Automated Demand Response (ADR), defines the interaction between an ADR server and client, but does not specify all the possible multi-tier deployment architectures that are valid relative to the standard's specification. In this paper, we analyze the properties of a number of OpenADR-based(More)
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