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To the Editor: High throughput, plate-based cellular assays are becoming increasingly popular due to rapidity of data generation and the opportunity for a higher number of replicates than possible with older methods. Assays for DNA content based on Hoechst 33258 (H33258) fluores-cence (Rago et al. 1990) and ATP content using a kit based on a series of(More)
A recent surge in the use of dietary supplements, including herbal remedies, necessitates investigations into their safety profiles. "Dream herb," Calea zacatechichi, has long been used in traditional folk medicine for a variety of purposes and is currently being marketed in the US for medicinal purposes, including diabetes treatment. Despite the inherent(More)
Rauwolfia serpentina (or Snake root plant) is a botanical dietary supplement marketed in the USA for maintaining blood pressure. Very few studies have addressed the safety of this herb, despite its wide availability to consumers. Its reported pleiotropic effects underscore the necessity for evaluating its safety. We used a human kidney cell line to(More)
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