Sanae Mitsuda

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Transdifferentiation from retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) to neural retina (NR) was studied under a new culture system as an experimental model for newt retinal regeneration. Adult newt RPEs were organ cultured with surrounding connective tissues, such as the choroid and sclera, on a filter membrane. Around day 7 in vitro, lightly pigmented "neuron-like(More)
Complete retinal regeneration in adult animals occurs only in certain urodele amphibians, in which the retinal pigmented epithelial cells (RPE) undergo transdifferentiation to produce all cell types constituting the neural retina. A similar mechanism also appears to be involved in retinal regeneration in the embryonic stage of some other species, but the(More)
Ammonium present in the medium was found to control the production of nitrile hydratases (NHase) by a moderate thermophile, Bacillus smithii SC-J05-1. The enzyme production is initiated in the absence of ammonium and suppressed in the presence of ammonium. In addition to cobalt ions as the coordinated metal ion, manganese ions are also required for NHase(More)
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