Sanaa Sharafeddine

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Keywords: Mobile file sharing applications Mobile-to-mobile communications Energy efficient schemes for mobile devices Mobile data compression a b s t r a c t We propose an energy efficient adaptive scheme for mobile-to-mobile file sharing applications. The proposed scheme monitors the signal strength level during the file transfer process and compresses(More)
—A game theoretical formulation for energy minimization in mobile-to-mobile cooperative networks is provided. The problem is formulated as a Nash bargaining game, and the Nash bargaining solution is derived. Furthermore, a low complexity utility minimization algorithm is presented. Using the appropriate utilities, the proposed algorithm is used to implement(More)
The major driver for deploying next generation wireless cellular systems is their ability to efficiently deliver resource-demanding services, many of which require symmetric communication between an uplink mobile user and a downlink mobile user that belong to the same network. In this work, we propose a utility-based joint uplink/downlink scheduling(More)
Keywords: Ad hoc personal area networks Bluetooth wireless technology Bluetooth piconets Scatternet formation protocols a b s t r a c t We address the problem of scatternet formation for network scenarios with a non-uniform distribution of Bluetooth devices. The assumption of having a non-uniform distribution of devices in a given area of interest is(More)
As voice services impose stringent quality of service (QoS) guarantees to perform well over IP networks, large network resources should be allocated to their traffic class. It gets unaffordable when hard guarantees are required as in deterministic-based mechanisms such as the guaranteed services model of the integrated services (IntServ) architecture.(More)
Cellular operators make use of radio network planning tools to determine the number of base stations required to cover an area of interest with a given traffic profile. These tools are based on a link budget analysis that takes into account the pathloss model in addition to various losses and power margins. The power margins compensate for sources of(More)