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The seeds of Nigella sativa L., commonly known as black seed or black cumin, and its extracts are used in folk medicine in the Middle East and in Asian countries for the promotion of good health and as a remedy for many ailments. These seeds have many acclaimed medicinal properties such as broncho-dilatory, immunopotentiating, analgesic, anti-inflammatory,(More)
An efficient biosorbent, sugarcane bagasse was used in native, HCl-treated, and Na-alginate immobilized form for the removal of Direct Violet 51 dye from aqueous solutions. Batch study was performed to optimize important process parameters, such as pH, contact time, biosorbent dose, initial dye concentration, and temperature. Removal of Direct Violet 51 was(More)
Present study was designed to explore the possibility of Vigna radiata biomass for recovery of uranium ions. Various fundamental process parameters i.e., pH, contact time, temperature and initial uranium ions concentration were optimized and maximum uranium removal (230mg/g) was achieved at pH 4, biosorbent dose 0.05g, contact time 60min contact time and(More)
BACKGROUND Repeated stress paradigms have been shown to cause devastating alterations on memory functions. Stress is linked with inflammation. Psychological and certain physical stressors could lead to neuroinflammation. Inflammatory process may occur by release of mediators and stimulate the production of prostaglandins through cyclooxygenase (COX).(More)
Citrus limon peroxidase mediated decolourization of Direct Yellow 4 (DY4) was investigated. The process variables (pH, temperature, incubation time, enzyme dose, H2O2 amount, dye concentration, co-metal ions and surfactants) were optimized for maximum degradation of dye. Maximum dye decolourization of 89.47% was achieved at pH 5.0, temperature 50 °C, enzyme(More)
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