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There have been four konzo outbreaks in Tanzania from 1985 to 2002/2003 with a total of 363 cases of konzo. Every outbreak of konzo resulted from large cyanogen intakes from bitter cassava during drought, which caused food shortages and led to people using short-cut methods of cassava processing. Rehabilitation of the 214 konzo subjects from the two most(More)
Extracts of natural products have been used for many years for health benefits. We report on an in vitro and in vivo study into the anti-tumour efficacy of an aqueous extract of the mycelial form of basidiomycete, Funalia trogii. A variety of biological assays were used to show that a 4h exposure of HT29, LNCaP, PC3, MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 tumour cells to(More)
Hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosis and treatment has witnessed many major changes and challenges in the past two decades. Increasing incidence of HCC has introduced new monitoring systems and increased the efficacy of screening tests, as well as prognosis of the disease, including the staging system, serological testing and diagnostic imaging. Moreover,(More)
A multi-centred study was designed to collect dengue epidemiologic data from government and registered private hospitals/clinics and maintained archive of frozen specimens in bio-bank to be used for future dengue epidemic control program, and assess the epidemiology of dengue fever (DF) by evaluating biochemical and oxidative status of patients. ELISA IgM(More)
We put forth the case of a young immunocompetent female who presented with fever and left basal ganglia bleed secondary to vasculitis. After 2 weeks of prednisolone therapy, she continued to deteriorate. MRI scan revealed enhancement of previous hematoma, pus was aspirated surgically and fungal culture grew Chaetomium.
A series of new compounds were evaluated for acute in vivo toxicity. Their synthesis and antifungal activity have previously been described by us. The naturally occurring class of compounds to which they belong - the benzylidenechroman-4-ones - have been identified as a potential source of new antifungal agents. These compounds were found to be less toxic,(More)
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