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The concept of Information Systems urbanization has been proposed since the late 1990's in order to help organizations building agile information systems. Nevertheless, despite the advantages of this concept, it remains too descriptive and presents many weaknesses. In particular, there is a lack of useful architecture models dedicated to defining software(More)
Information has become an essential resource for the survival and sustainable development of modern organizations, which face the constraints of their unstable and continuously changing economic and technological environments. In order to manage effectively this valuable resource, organizations need information systems that play a critical role in(More)
Knowledge is nowadays an essential resource for modern organizations to support sustainable competitive advantage. Many authors point out that as knowledge is created, disseminated, and applied, it contributes to value creation within organizations by enhancing their capabilities to respond to pressures from the external environment. To acknowledge the(More)
Mission The mission of the IJISPM-International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management-is the dissemination of new scientific knowledge on information systems management and project management, encouraging further progress in theory and practice. The IJISPM publishes leading scholarly and practical research articles that aim to advance the(More)
Knowledge is increasingly playing a key role in achieving organizational success in modern organizations notably in leveraging core business competencies, accelerating innovation and time to market, improving cycle times and decision making, strengthening organizational commitment, and building sustainable competitive advantage. To acknowledge the critical(More)
Academics and practitioners agree that modern organizations competitive advantage rely on effective management of knowledge and innovation. On the one hand, there is a strong correlation between long-term survival of organizations and innovation considered as the source of key means of adapting to change. On the other hand, knowledge creation is among the(More)
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