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Information System engineering involves multiple languages for modeling, programming and handling various artifacts throughout the development cycle. These languages are usually supported by software tools. The construction of these tools is a complex task often done in an ad-hoc manner. Proper use of meta-modeling techniques has the potential to facilitate(More)
Designing executable models is one of the major concerns of model-driven engineering (MDE). To reach this aim, it is necessary to formally specify dynamic properties of a model according to a meta-model, in order to be directly executed by a meta-CASE tool (Computer Aided Software Engineering). Moreover, for some kind of models, it is so important to define(More)
To specify process modeling language semantics and build corresponding enactment engine is a challenging problem. We propose a model driven approach which combines structural and event-based behavioral meta-modeling techniques. These specifications are transformed into a software architecture for a process enactment engine that exploits publish-subscribe(More)
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