San Shing Choi

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The dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) provides a technically advanced and economical solution to voltage-sag problem. As the voltage-restoration process involves real-power injection into the distribution system, the capability of a particular DVR topology, especially for compensating long-duration voltage sags, depends on the energy storage capacity of the(More)
The marine red alga Pyropia tenera grows on intertidal rocks, where it undergoes dynamic environmental changes including temperature, desiccation, osmotic shock, and changes in light intensity. Therefore, Pyropia have developed a variety of strategies and mechanisms to overcome those environmental stressors. In an effort to identify the genes involved in(More)
Pyropia seriata, a marine red alga belonging to the order Bangiales (Rhodophyta), is one of the most valuable and widely cultivated Pyropia species. Water temperature and salinity are major factors affecting the growth and yield of Pyropia cultivation. Currently, there is limited data regarding the regulatory pathways and molecular mechanisms of the abiotic(More)
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