Samya Taright

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Few recent comparative data exist on smoking habits in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The objective of this analysis was to evaluate smoking patterns in a large general population sample of individuals aged ≥ 40 years in ten countries in the region (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and United(More)
17116 Background: This study was designed to compare the response rates and toxicities of the standard GC regimen versus GD, a non-platin regimen, in locally advanced and metastatic NSCLC. METHODS In both arms, gemcitabine 1250 mg/m2 was administered on days 1 and 8. In the GD arm, docetaxel 75 mg/m2 was given on day 8. In the GC arm, cisplatin 70 mg/m2(More)
BACKGROUND Bronchial asthma is the most frequent chronic childhood disease and can have a marked impact on educational development, activities and quality of life. The AIRMAG survey provides an opportunity to assess asthma and its impact in children in North Africa. OBJECTIVE To describe the prevalence, burden and management of asthma in children in the(More)
Lung cancer is the commonest cause of cancer-related death worldwide and poses a significant respiratory disease burden. Little is known about the provision of lung cancer care across Europe. The overall aim of the Task Force was to investigate current practice in lung cancer care across Europe. The Task Force undertook four projects: 1) a narrative(More)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a potentially severe chronic progressive respiratory condition requiring long-term treatment and frequently involving episodic hospitalisations to manage exacerbations. The objective of this analysis was to document diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and management of COPD-related respiratory symptoms in 1,392(More)
BACKGROUND Bronchial asthma is the most frequent chronic respiratory disease in both adults and children. The prevalence and burden of asthma vary considerably between different regions of the world. Information on asthma in Africa is fragmentary and relatively old. OBJECTIVE The objective of this cross-sectional epidemiological survey was to determine(More)
Data on COPD-related healthcare resources use are rarely documented in developing countries. This article presents data on COPD-related healthcare resource consumption in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan and addresses the association of this variable with illness severity. A large survey of COPD was conducted in eleven countries of the region,(More)
BACKGROUND The goal of asthma management is to achieve disease control, defined. as the ability to lead a normal life with normal pulmonary function. However, many epidemiological surveys have demonstrated that asthma control is unacceptable in the majority of patients. OBJECTIVE To evaluate asthma control in 624 adults with asthma in the Maghreb,(More)
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