Samy Gomaa Ahmed Kasem

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Equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) bacterial artificial chromosome clone (Ab4p BAC) was established based on neuropathogenic strain Ab4p. ORF37 encoding UL24 was replaced with a selection cassette, rpsL-neo gene, to produce an ORF37 deletion mutant, Ab4pORF37. Transfection of RK-13 cells with Ab4pORF37 genome DNA produced infectious virus, indicating that ORF37(More)
6. Perseghin P, Bezzi G, Troupioti P, Gallina M. Streptococcus suis meningitis in an Italian blood donor. Lancet. 1995;346:1305–6. DOI: 10.1016/S01406736(95)91912-0 7. Camporese A, Tizianel G, Bruschetta G, Cruciatti B, Pomes A. Human meningitis caused by Streptococcus suis: the fi rst case report from north-eastern Italy. Infez Med. 2007;15:111–4. 8.(More)
The pathogenicity of equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) isolates of Japan were evaluated by using the CBA mouse model. CBA mice were inoculated with eight Japanese EHV-1 strains (89c1, 90c16, 90c18, 97c11, 98c12, 00c19, 01c1 and HH-1) and one British strain (Ab4p). 89c1 caused slight body weight loss and nervous signs in mice at 8 days post infection (dpi).(More)
BACKGROUND It was suggested that Equine herpesvirus 9 (EHV-9) could be transmitted to higher non-human primates. METHODS Four cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) were inoculated with EHV-9 by the nasal route. RESULTS No abnormalities were observed pathologically, immunohistochemically, and genetically. CONCLUSIONS These findings indicate that(More)
EUL47 is a major component of the tegument of equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1). To determine its function, we used Red/ET cloning to delete its gene (gene 13) from EHV-1 strain Ab4p inserted into a bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC), yielding Ab4pattBΔ13. We also examined the reverted virus (Ab4pattB13R). Ab4pattBΔ13 replicated in rabbit kidney (RK)-13(More)
A single morphologic type of Sarcocystis cysts found in two out of 43 examined common coots, Fulica atra, is considered to represent a new species for which the name Sarcocystis atraii n. sp. is proposed and its description is provided. Coots were hunted from the vicinity of Brolos Lake located at KafrElsheikh province, Egypt. The structural morphology of(More)
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