Samukutty Annadurai

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Target tracking sensor networks monitor and track the movement of a target object. Energy management in these sensor networks is crucial to prolong the network lifetime. We propose a new protocol EST (energy saving schedule for target tracking sensor networks) that provides a dynamic sleep schedule for the radios such that maximum energy is saved without(More)
Wireless sensor-actor networks can provide remote sensing and actuation services in a variety of applications. Depending on the application, the network should rapidly respond to critical variations in sensor input and take appropriate control action by the actor nodes without any delay. In order to prolong the lifetime of sensor networks, energy saving is(More)
Dimensionality reduction methods have been successfully employed for face recognition. Among the various dimensionality reduction algorithms, Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) is one of the popular supervised dimensionality reduction methods, and many LDA-based face recognition algorithms/ systems have been reported in the last decade. However, the LDA(More)
Image enhancement is one of the most important issues in low-level image processing. Mainly, enhancement methods can be classified into two classes: global and local methods. Various enhancement schemes are used for enhancing an image which includes gray scale manipulation, filtering and Histogram Equalization (HE). Histogram Equalization (HE) has proved to(More)
Face recognition plays a vital role in identification and for authentication purpose, in our day to day lives. In real time, this identification must be liable, perfect and faster. In this paper, face recognition approach using wavelet transform and Bayesian model is proposed, where the images have been recognized with minimal time and improved efficiency.
Multicast communication will be the communication paradigm of future networks. Secure multicasting is a challenging issue. The main objective of secure multicasting is to distribute the group key to the current members of the group in a scalable manner with minimum overheads. The key distribution methods can be either centralized or distributed. Of these,(More)
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