Samuele Innocenti

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National and Regional Health Authorities advise a stool culture in pregnant women before term in order to detect Salmonella carriers, prevent the spread of this microorganism to the newborn and avoid outbreaks of this infection in the nurseries. The Tuscany section of the Italian Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists decided to test the usefulness(More)
The perception of Italian GPs on alcohol problems has changed in recent decades, but it is still inclined to make a too clear-cut distinction between normal drinkers without any problem and hopeless alcoholics, according to an ongoing cultural tradition. On the other hand, according to consistent observation during the last 25 years, the identification of(More)
Establishing equivalence links between (semantic) resources, as it is the case in the Linked Data approach, implies permanent search, analysis and alignment of new (semantic) data in a rapidly changing environment. Moreover the distributed management of data brings not negligible requirements as regards their authorship, update, versioning and replica(More)
At present e-Government procedures for creation and management of official documents pose specific problems with collaborative information authoring, data distribution and storage, use of a unique name for resource addressing, attribution of the entity responsible for the documents. Many benefits can be obtained through the informatization of the(More)
Since infections of the urinary tract in children often present diagnostic difficulties, it is essential to be able to identify these patients with simple, reliable methods. After a clinical-laboratory study on 4176 urine cultures, the Authors affirm that the reliability of this test is much greater when the parents have been instructed in the correct way(More)
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