Samuel de Sousa

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In this paper, we investigate the Max-Cut problem and propose a probabilistic heuristic to address its classic and weighted version. Our approach is based on the Estimation of Distribution Algorithm (EDA) that creates a population of individuals capable of evolving at each generation towards the global solution. We have applied the MaxCut problem for image(More)
The problem of point-set registration often arises in Pattern Recognition whenever one needs to match information available in images, such as feature locations, landmarks, or points representing a surface of an object. It is a challenging task and a widely explored topic in stereo vision, image alignment, medical imaging, and other fields. Many of those(More)
Graph centrality has been extensively applied in Social Network Analysis to model the interaction of actors and the information flow inside a graph. In this paper, we investigate the usage of graph centralities in the Shape Matching task. We create a graph-based representation of a shape and describe this graph by using different centrality measures. We(More)
Consider a point-set coming from an object which was sampled using a digital sensor (depth range, camera, etc). We are interested in finding a graph that would represent that point-set according to some properties. Such a representation would allow us to match two objects (graphs) by exploiting topological properties instead of solely relying on geometrical(More)
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