Samuel Wieczorek

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MOTIVATION Experimental spatial proteomics, i.e. the high-throughput assignment of proteins to sub-cellular compartments based on quantitative proteomics data, promises to shed new light on many biological processes given adequate computational tools. RESULTS Here we present pRoloc, a complete infrastructure to support and guide the sound analysis of(More)
Description MSnbase provides classes, methods and functions for visualisation, manipulation and processing of mass spectrometry data. Important class are "MSnExp" (raw data file), "MSnSet" (quantitation data) and "ReporterIons" (reporter ions for labelled proteomics). Other classes are "Spectrum" and the subclasses "Spectrum1" (for MS spectra) and(More)
We introduce a new test, named π-subsumption, which computes partial subsumptions between a hypothesis h and an example e, as well as a new measure, the subsumption index, which quantifies the covering degree between h and e. The behaviour of this measure is studied in the region of the phase transition and compared with θ-subsumption. We then consider the(More)
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