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We analyzed expression of a putative oligopeptide permease (Opp) of Borrelia burgdorferi. Unlike the opp operons of other bacteria for which there is a single substrate binding protein, B. burgdorferi codes for three substrate binding proteins (OppA-I to -III) in its opp operon and an additional two homologs on plasmids (OppA-IV and -V). Instead of a single(More)
Laboratory strains of the mouse polyoma virus differ markedly in their abilities to replicate and induce tumors in newborn mice. Major determinants of pathogenicity lie in the sialic binding pocket of the major capsid protein Vp1 and dictate receptor-binding properties of the virus. Substitutions at two sites in Vp1 define three prototype strains, which(More)
On and offshore development projects in the oil and gas industry are predominantly capital-intensive investments, with the potential for serious financial and environmental consequences should a catastrophic failure occur. Therefore, an efficient as well as effective maintenance management approach is essential to the continuation of production in a safe(More)
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