Samuel Sewall

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A thorough examination of the temporal branch of the facial nerve was performed to characterize precisely the number of rami crossing the zygomatic arch and their location with respect to bone and soft-tissue landmarks. Fresh cadaver dissection was performed in 12 facial halves, dissecting the facial nerve superiorly from the stylomastoid foramen to(More)
Share feedback about the accessibility of this item. Abstract The Salem witch trials have fascinated historians since the eighteenth century, but as Mary Beth Norton aptly states there is still " much of the complicated Salem story [that] remains untold. " Previous scholarship has failed tell fully the story of the trials' aftermath. In this paper, I follow(More)
The inferior border wire, as originally described by Booth, is a well-accepted means of fixation of the proximal and distal segments in the sagittal split osteotomy. However, it appears that there is some criticism of the technique because of the difficulty in placing drill holes at the appropriate position and angulation and subsequent difficulty with(More)
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