Samuel Roselier

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Developing vibrotactile patterns for mobile navigation is challenging since they have to be able to map effectively navigational behaviour learned through visuoaudio-motor interaction with the environment to specific vibrotactile patterns. Here, we present a method for developing intuitive navigation patterns representing basic directions, landmarks and(More)
In this paper we present a pilot study designed to investigate how tactile patterns are spontaneously interpreted by subjects. Participants were confronted to a sample of 40 tactile patterns. The results show strong correlations in the way subjects spontaneously associate verbal description to a clearly identified set of patterns. In terms of application,(More)
This paper describes a novel tool for eliciting user requirements early in the design process of mobile applications. The "Mobile Oracle", as we have called it, is intended to help developers and designers obtain a better understanding of what the user wants at different points in space and time. It is an extension of a lo-fi version of the well-established(More)
Neurological patients with symptoms of Apraxia and Action Disorganisation Syndrome commit cognitive errors during everyday goal-oriented tasks which premorbidly they used to perform automatically. CogWatch is a new cognitive rehabilitation system under development which uses instrumented objects, ambient and wearable sensors to monitor patients behavior and(More)
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