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This article presents the usability and acceptability of a website that provides older people with tailored advice to help motivate them to undertake physical activities that prevent falls. Views on the website from interviews with 16 older people and 26 sheltered housing wardens were analysed thematically. The website was well received with only one(More)
BACKGROUND Falls are a major threat to older people's health and wellbeing. Approximately half of falls occur in outdoor environments but little is known about the circumstances in which they occur. We conducted a qualitative study to explore older people's experiences of outdoor falls to develop understanding of how they may be prevented. METHODS We(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluations of techniques to promote physical activity usually adopt a randomised controlled trial (RCT). Such designs inform how a technique performs on average but cannot be used for treatment of individuals. Our objective was to conduct the first N-of-1 RCTs of behaviour change techniques with older people and test the effectiveness of the(More)
Falls among older people are a major public health issue. Increasing numbers of older people are accessing the internet for health-related information, including information on falls risk and prevention. However, we are aware of no study that has assessed the quality of such websites. Using techniques for conducting systematic literature reviews, we(More)
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