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OBJECTIVES Nevirapine is an inducer of hepatic metabolism. After discontinuation, nevirapine has an inductive effect on cytochrome P450 3A4, which persists for a few weeks and which, after switching to rilpivirine, may reduce rilpivirine exposures and have a negative clinical impact. This study evaluates the virological outcome, pharmacokinetics and safety(More)
Ship's ballast waters transport large numbers of organisms which may become invasive in coastal regions. One option to address this problem is the use of biocides as ballast water treatment (BWT). Efficacy and environmental acceptability of three commercial active substances (the BWT biocides Peraclean(®) Ocean and Seakleen(®), and alkylamine-based biocide(More)
BACKGROUND Optimal management of eumycetoma, a severely debilitating chronic progressive fungal infection of skin, disseminating to bone and viscera, remains challenging. Especially, optimal antifungal treatment and duration are ill defined. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We conducted a monocentric retrospective study of 11 imported cases of eumycetoma(More)
Since the early 1960s, the application of aluminum alloy sacrificial anodes to mitigate marine corrosion has been well known. The aim of this work was to study aluminum bioconcentration in Mytilus edulis by an in vitro test performed in two tanks: the first containing non-contaminated water (NCW) and the second containing aluminum-contaminated water (CW)(More)
We report a case of a pulmonary histoplasmosis in an HIV-positive patient usually living in Cambodia, with a positive Aspergillus galactomannan antigenemia resulting from a cross-reaction, that decreased after antifungal therapy. We discuss the potential interest of the detection of fungal DNA by PCR and Aspergillus galactomannan antigenemia for the(More)