Samuel Pinault

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We followed total prostate and prostatic tumor volumes in patients who received combination endocrine therapy with the antiandrogen flutamide and the LHRH agonist [D-Trp6,des-Gly-NH2(10)]LHRH ethylamide. Twenty-three men with proved prostatic adenocarcinoma (Stages B1 to D2) were subjected to a transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) study before and after a(More)
Minimally invasive surgery in combination with ultrasound (US) imaging imposes high demands on the sur geon’s hand-eye-coordination capabilities. A possible solution to reduce these requirements is minimally invasive robotic surgery in which the instrument is guided by visual servoing towards the goal defined by the surgeon in the US image. This(More)
The histopathology of 23 radical prostatectomies from patients with prostatic adenocarcinoma pretreated for 3-6 months with combination therapy including a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonist and the antiandrogen drug flutamide was reviewed and compared with the pretreatment biopsies or transurethral resection material. After combination therapy,(More)
In this paper, we present an iterative method for positioning a patient in protontherapy. The main difficulty in this kind of treatment is the unknown position of the treated volume during the set up of the patient. The positioning process is realized by a 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) industrial robot. This article explains how the positioning error of the(More)
The effect of further adrenal androgen blockade with aminoglutethimide (AG) plus low dose hydrocortisone (HC) was studied in 119 patients with clinical stage D2 prostate cancer who previously progressed after standard hormone therapy and were under progression while receiving the combination therapy with Flutamide and castration. Using the objective(More)
The paper focuses on controlling by hand a robot carrying a patient lying down on a “couch top” located at the extremity of the end-effector. The Orion prototype, is a six Degree-of-Freedom (DoF) robotic system. The control of the robot is achieved through a home-made co-manipulated haptic device located under the couch top and operated by a(More)
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