Samuel Pinault

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1. Abdominal obesity is associated with numerous metabolic complications. Deep abdominal adipose tissue is critical in the association between the level of abdominal obesity and cardiovascular risk factors. 2. Adipose tissue localization was assessed by computed axial tomography (CAT), and its association with body density and anthropometric measurements(More)
Minimally invasive surgery in combination with ultrasound (US) imaging imposes high demands on the sur geon’s hand-eye-coordination capabilities. A possible solution to reduce these requirements is minimally invasive robotic surgery in which the instrument is guided by visual servoing towards the goal defined by the surgeon in the US image. This(More)
In this paper, we present an iterative method for positioning a patient in protontherapy. The main difficulty in this kind of treatment is the unknown position of the treated volume during the set up of the patient. The positioning process is realized by a 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) industrial robot. This article explains how the positioning error of the(More)
Dans cet article, nous présentons une méthode itérative pour le positionnement d'un patient en protonthérapie. La principale difficulté pour ce type de traitement est l'invisibilité du volume à traiter durant la mise en place du patient. Le processus de positionnement est réalisé par un robot médical à 6 degrés de liberté comme décrit sur la figure 3. Cet(More)
The paper focuses on controlling by hand a robot carrying a patient lying down on a “couch top” located at the extremity of the end-effector. The Orion prototype, is a six Degree-of-Freedom (DoF) robotic system. The control of the robot is achieved through a home-made co-manipulated haptic device located under the couch top and operated by a(More)
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