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Fostering open science to research using a taxonomy and an eLearning portal
The term "Open Science" is recently widely used, but it is still unclear to many research stakeholders - funders, policy makers, researchers, administrators, librarians and repository managers - how Open Science can be achieved. Expand
Towards effective research recommender systems for repositories
We present the latest technical innovations in the CORE Recommender, which provides research article recommendations across the global network of repositories and journals. Expand
Developing Infrastructure to Support Closer Collaboration of Aggregators with Open Repositories
The amount of open access content stored in repositories has increased dramatically, which has created new technical and organisational challenges for bringing this content together. Expand
Aggregating The World's Open Access Research Papers
CORE offers seamless, unrestricted access to millions of research papers from around the world to everyone for free. CORE believes that knowledge can be used for the public good, and the more widelyExpand
Building Scalable Digital Library Ingestion Pipelines Using Microservices
CORE, a harvesting service offering access to millions of open access research papers from around the world, has shifted its harvesting process from following a monolithic approach to the adoption of a microservices infrastructure. Expand
My repository is being aggregated: a blessing or a curse?
Usage statistics are frequently used by repositories to justify their value to the management who decide about the funding to support the repository infrastructure. Another reason for collectingExpand
Machine accessibility of Open Access scientific publications from publisher systems via ResourceSync.
In this poster, we outline the technical difficulties and present how we succeeded in harvesting metadata records and full text content of millions of OA articles from publisher APIs. Expand
Integration of the IRUS-UK Statistics in the CORE Repositories Dashboard
Institutional Repository Usage Statistics UK (IRUS-UK) is a Jisc-funded project that serves as a national repository usage statistics aggregation service, which aims to provide article downloadExpand
The Open University ’ s repository of research publications and other research outputs Towards effective research recommender systems for repositories Conference Item
In this paper, we argue why and how the integration of recommender systems for research can enhance the functionality and user experience in repositories. We present the latest technical innovationsExpand