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Goals, motivation and gender
I present an experiment on non-binding goals and motivational effects. Consistent with results from psychology, I find that goals increase output. This is due to improved speed and accuracy. Men areExpand
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Rock pool gobies change their body pattern in response to background features
This work was supported by a BBSRC David Phillips Research Fellowship (BB/G022887/1) to M.S.
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Parallel processing of polarization and intensity information in fiddler crab vision
We found that, for a loom detection task, fiddler crabs process polarization and intensity information independently and in parallel to enhance visual contrast. Expand
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Rock pool fish use a combination of colour change and substrate choice to improve camouflage
Camouflage can be achieved by both morphological (e.g. colour, brightness and pattern change) and behavioural (e.g. substrate preference) means. Much of the research on behavioural backgroundExpand
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Commitment-enhancing tools in Centipede games: Evidencing European–Japanese differences in trust and cooperation
Theories of trust distinguish general trust in situations of social uncertainty from assurance-based trust in committed, long-term relationships. This study investigates European-Japanese differencesExpand
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Make it too difficult, and I'll give up; let me succeed, and I'll excel: The interaction between assigned and personal goals
We examine the motivational effects of setting both assigned and personal nonbinding goals on a real effort laboratory experiment. Expand
Colour Change and Camouflage in Rockpool Fish
Camouflage is one of the most widespread anti-predator strategies in nature. Many animals use a combination of both morphological and behavioural means. Camouflage can be particularly challenging inExpand