Samuel Ouya

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— In this paper, we propose a predictive method to construct regular column-weight-three LDPC codes with girth g = 8 so that their Tanner graphs contain a minimum number of small trapping sets. Our construction is based on improvements of the Progressive Edge-Growth (PEG) algorithm. We first show how to detect the smallest trapping sets (5, 3) and (6, 4) in(More)
In this paper, we consider the influence maximization problem in social networks. The aim is to find a subset of k -- nodes called seeds, which maximizes the influence spread. We propose a new approach based on the Independent Cascade Model (ICM) which extracts an acyclic spanning graph from the social network. The extraction method used to build the(More)
This paper considers a particular case of virtual organization composed of the following entities: institutions, online laboratories wishing to collaborate to share hardware and software resources. In the literature, cloud computing represents an implementation of the virtual organizations as grid computing. However, the benefits of the cloud are not used(More)
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