Samuel Orso

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The phylogeny of bacteria belonging to the genus Nitrobacter was investigated by sequencing the whole 16S rRNA gene. The average level of similarity for the three Nitrobacter strains examined was high (99.2%), and the similarity level between Nitrobacter winogradskyi and Nitrobacter sp. strain LL, which represent two different genomic species, was even(More)
The closer proximity of Frankia and Acidothermus cellulolyticus relative to the morphologically close Geodermatophilus found previously was confirmed by resequencing the rrs gene of Acidothermus cellulolyticus and the housekeeping gene, recA. The diagnostic sugar 2-O-methyl-D-mannose was detected only in Frankia, while hopanoid lipids were present at high(More)
Gene selection has become a common task in most gene expression studies. The objective of such research is often to identify the smallest possible set of genes that can still achieve good predictive performance. To do so, many of the recently proposed classification methods require some form of dimension-reduction of the problem which finally provide a(More)
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