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Directed and Brownian movement of class I major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules on cell membranes is implicated in antigen presentation. Previous studies indicated that the class I MHC cytoplasmic tail imposes constraints on the molecule's diffusion. Here we used single particle tracking to study the mobility of the wild-type mouse H-2L(d) class(More)
The results of the recent Step Study highlight a need to clarify the effects of pre-existing natural immunity to a vaccine vector on vaccine-induced T-cell responses. To investigate this interaction, we examined the relationship between pre-existing Ad5 immunity and T-cell cytokine response profiles in healthy, HIV-uninfected recipients of MRKAd5 HIV-1 gag(More)
The Toll-like receptor 4 agonist glucopyranosyl lipid adjuvant formulated in a stable emulsion (GLA-SE) promotes strong TH1 and balanced IgG1/IgG2 responses to protein vaccine antigens. This enhanced immunity is sufficient to provide protection against many diseases including tuberculosis and leishmaniasis. To better characterize the adjuvant action it is(More)
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