Samuel O Ogunbiyi

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PURPOSE The aim of this study was to assess whether screening of popliteal arteries in patients undergoing ultrasound screening of their abdominal aortas was worthwhile. METHODS All male patients undergoing ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) during the period February 2000 to June 2002 were offered scanning of their popliteal(More)
AIMS To determine the prevalence of bactibilia in patients undergoing cholecystectomy and to relate the presence or absence of organisms to the preoperative and postoperative course. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients undergoing cholecystectomy under the care of a single consultant surgeon during a continuous 5-year period were identified from a prospectively(More)
BACKGROUND The aim was to assess the quality of life (QoL) of patients who had surgery for primary lymphoedema. METHODS A QoL questionnaire was administered to patients who had surgery between 1981 and 2003 (retrospective group) and between 2003 and 2006 (prospective group). RESULTS The response rate was 70.3 per cent (109 of 155 patients): 88 patients(More)
BACKGROUND While large epidemiological studies have suggested that the male gender is more frequently afflicted with intermittent claudication, there is little data whether there are gender differences in the distribution of peripheral vascular disease (PVD). The aim of this study was to clarify this issue on the basis of angiographic findings in patients(More)
BACKGROUND Lymphatic endothelial cells from primary lymphedema skin have never been cultured nor characterized. A subgroup of patients with primary lymphedema undergo surgery to bring about an improvement in their quality of life. The aim of this study was to culture and characterize LECs from the skin of these patients. METHODS AND RESULTS Lymphatic(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous complications have been described following the implantation of synthetic meshes during hernia repair; one of the rarest, with only three reported cases, is giant mature fibrous cyst formation. Our clinical experience with this complication has led us to believe that it may be more common than previously thought. METHODS Surgical(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have identified endoglin as a biological marker that is overexpressed on the microvessels of certain solid cancers (breast, colorectal cancer, and head and neck squamous cell cancers). There is, at present, no immunohistochemical marker that can discriminate between lymph node-negative and or lymph node-positive breast cancer tissue. (More)
BACKGROUND For many patients with aorto-occlusive disease, where stent deployment is not possible, surgery remains the only treatment option available. The aim of this study was to assess the results of aortic reconstruction surgery performed in patients with critical ischaemia. METHODS All patients with critical ischaemia undergoing surgery during(More)
The objective was to determine whether histological types of breast cancer in elderly women influence clinical outcome. Four major databases were searched. All relevant articles, from January 1990 to December 2013, were screened. After applying inclusion and exclusion criteria, 11 studies were included. Invasive ductal carcinoma was the commonest(More)