Samuel O. Odoh

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The process of carbon capture and sequestration has been proposed as a method of mitigating the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. If implemented, the cost of electricity generated by a fossil fuel-burning power plant would rise substantially, owing to the expense of removing CO2 from the effluent stream. There is therefore an urgent need for(More)
Metal-organic frameworks with Zr6 nodes, UiO-66 and NU-1000, were investigated as supports for Ir(CO)2 and Ir(C2H4)2 complexes. A single bonding site for the iridium is identified on the nodes of NU-1000, whereas two sites are identified on UiO-66, although at low iridium loadings only one site is occupied. Density functional theory calculations provide(More)
Using a combination of density functional theory and lattice models, we study the effect of CO 2 adsorption in an amine functionalized metal–organic framework. These materials exhibit a step in the adsorption isotherm indicative of a phase change. The pressure at which this step occurs is not only temperature dependent but is also metal center dependent.(More)
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