Samuel O Inyang

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The UNSCEAR (2000) observed that there could be some exposure at work which would require regulatory control but is not really considered. This study was, therefore, set up to evaluate the effective dose in timber industries in Calabar, Nigeria to determine if the evaluated dose levels could lead to any radiological health effect in the workers, and also(More)
Honey is used in most places as food sweetener and antibacterial agent for wounds. The antibacterial property of honey depends mainly on its peroxide value and acidity. This study investigated the possible effect that may be observed on the peroxide value and acidity if honey is exposed to x-ray at varying tube current values (mAs) in order to infer the(More)
BACKGROUND The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) was established to regulate and control the use of radioactive and radiation emitting sources in Nigeria. Quality control (QC) on diagnostic radiology equipment form part of the fundamental requirements for the authorization of diagnostic radiology facilities in the Country. METHOD Some quality(More)
A dual electron multileaf collimator (eMLC) has recently been proposed and ascertained to be effective in the collimation of therapy electron beams. The EGSnrc Monte Carlo code has been used in the optimization of the dual eMLC by simulation of the Varian 2100C medical linear accelerator with the applicator completely replaced by the dual eMLC, and(More)
A survey of the entrance surface doses in the routine radiography of children in eastern Nigeria has been carried out in three hospitals, using thermoluminescence detectors. Chest, abdomen, lumbar spine, skull and pelvis were covered in this study. Findings reveal that doses are higher than the recommended reference values elsewhere, as well as values(More)
BACKGROUND The perception of quality control (QC) implementation by personnel in diagnostic radiology facilities can affect service delivery and deprive the facilities of the benefits associated with QC implementation. The responses by personnel working in diagnostic radiology facilities in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, concerning the implementation of quality(More)
Electron applicators and cut-outs have been used for some time in the delivery of electron beam therapy. A dual electron multileaf collimator (eMLC) consisting of upper and lower eMLCs was designed, and dose distributions of electron beams delivered by it were evaluated by Monte Carlo simulations by use of the EGSnrc Monte Carlo code. The percentage depth(More)
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