Samuel Ndueso John

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In cellular communication, guard channel has been used to provide priority to ongoing call traffic crossing cell boundaries in handover process but the major concern is that most guard channel allocation scheme are fixed channels. System congestion problems arising from traffic pattern in the real world is another major concern relating to fixed allocation(More)
This paper addressed the impacts of latency on good throughputs of a computer network. The networks latency contributed largely on the performance of Covenant University network. Experiment using the University network were carried out with the channel capacity, the file sizes with the distance varies to suit the performed experiment. The Mathlab/Simulink(More)
It has been said that dynamic guard channel (DGC) assignment scheme based on traffic intensities averages QoS and performs better than the prioritized guard channel assignment scheme with queue (QPGC) during traffic congestion. This work has extended the investigation to DGC with queue (QDGC) and carried out its comparison with other call traffic channel(More)
A scenario of a service provider network when heavily congested due to heavy traffic flow is brought into play to confirm the attribute of MPLS to significantly improve Latency especially in a highly congested network. The service provider network was congested by sending heavy packets through the ingress and egress port of the network. The network was(More)
-Security and convenience in e-Voting system has been a major issue that has been looked into recently in time past. Application of smart card technology has brought breakthroughs which affect this aspect. But there can be improvement in the convenience of a general smart card society by solving the problem of carrying a barrage of smart cards in order to(More)
Prioritized guard channel (PGC) assignment with queue was designed to reduce call dropping probability associated with a base station congested with handover call traffic. The Markov chain was used in the analysis of the PGC scheme and queuing discipline was FIFO for a PGC+MAHO scheme. Simulation was carried out using MATLAB. The results showed that(More)
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