Samuel Morin

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Climate-induced changes in snow cover are likely to affect cold arctic and alpine ecosystems functioning and major processes such as wintertime plant litter decomposition. However, it remains poorly studied in subalpine systems where the snowpack may be irregular. In this paper we explored the dynamic of the winter plant litter decomposition process, its(More)
Atmospheric nitrogen oxides (NOx =NO+ NO2) play a pivotal role in the cycling of reactive nitrogen (ultimately deposited as nitrate) and the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere. Combined measurements of nitrogen and oxygen stable isotope ratios of nitrate collected in the Arctic atmosphere were used to infer the origin and fate of NOx and nitrate on a(More)
This study discuss the potential of using remote sensing data from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), couple with Dense Media Radiative Transfer (DMRT) model, to constrain the snow-pack's optical grain size and density calculated by the detailed snowpack model Crocus. A snowpack Electromagnetic Backscattering Model (EBM) based on DMRT compatible with X-band(More)
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