Samuel Moreshet

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Traditional meteorological estimates of evapotranspiration include empirical crop factors which are inadequate for scheduling high frequency irrigation. The performance of a transpiration model was tested and adapted to suit the operational requirements of automated irrigation systems. Hourly measurements of global solar radiation, air temperature, humidity(More)
Different proportions of the soil volume of ‘Shamouti’ orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) trees were irrigated at similar levels of available water during 1979 to 1981 in the coastal plain of Israel. Two treatments were compared: one in which 100% of the soil volume was irrigated (fully irrigated plot), and the other in which 40% of the volume was irrigated(More)
Measurements of the various diffusive resistances to water vapor transport within the leaves of sunflower plants (Helianthus annuus) growing in a controlled environment chamber, were used to calculate values of cuticular resistance under a range of environmental conditions. Cuticular resistance to water loss was found to be inversely related to the relative(More)
The effcct of the transition from fully to partially wetted soil voluine on transpiration rate and hydraulic conductance of mature citrus trees was examined in a 23-year-old, coninicrcial, sprinklerirrigated, Shanio u t i orange orchard. I rriga t i on frequency was determined by the rate of water loss from the soil, a s measured by neutron probes. The(More)
A double cup transpiration porometer is described which simultaneously measures the resistance to water vapor diffusion from the upper and lower epidermises of a leaf. In use the cups are dried, the porometer is clamped on the leaf, and the transit time required for water vapor to condense on a cold (0 C) reflective surface in each cup is recorded. Since(More)
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