Samuel McCauley

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Integrated Stockpile Evaluation (ISE) is a program to test nuclear weapons periodically. Tests are performed by machines that may require occasional calibration. These calibrations are expensive, so finding a schedule that minimizes calibrations allows more testing to be done for a given amount of money. This paper introduces a theoretical framework for(More)
A fundamental challenge for supercomputer architecture is that processors cannot be fed data from DRAM as fast as CPUs can consume it. Therefore, many applications are memory-bandwidth bound. As the number of cores per chip increases, and traditional DDR DRAM speeds stagnate, the problem is only getting worse. A variety of non-DDR 3D memory technologies(More)
We introduce the cache-adaptive model, which generalizes the external-memory model to apply to environments in which the amount of memory available to an algorithm can fluctuate. The cache-adaptive model applies to operating systems, databases, and other systems where the allocation of memory to processes changes over time. We prove that if an optimal(More)
Performance and energy are critical aspects in high performance computing (HPC) data centers. Highly parallel HPC applications that require multiple nodes usually run for long durations in the range of minutes, hours or days. As the threads of parallel applications communicate with each other intensively, the communication cost of these applications has a(More)
We present history-independent alternatives to a B-tree, the primary indexing data structure used in databases. A data structure is history independent (HI) if it is impossible to deduce any information by examining the bit representation of the data structure that is not already available through the API. We show how to build a history-independent(More)
We define the range 1 query (R1Q) problem as follows. Given a d-dimensional (d ≥ 1) input bit matrix A, preprocess A so that for any given regionR of A, one can efficiently answer queries asking ifR contains a 1 or not. We consider both orthogonal and non-orthogonal shapes for R including rectangles, axis-parallel right-triangles, certain types of polygons,(More)
This paper introduces the kissing problem: given a rectangular room with n people in it, what is the most efficient way for each pair of people to kiss each other goodbye? The room is viewed as a set of pixels that form a subset of the integer grid. At most one person can stand on a pixel at once, and people move horizontally or vertically. In order to move(More)
Scientific applications are usually described as directed acyclic graphs, where nodes represent tasks and edges represent dependencies between tasks. For some applications, such as the multifrontal method of sparse matrix factorization, this graph is a tree: each task produces a single output data, used by a single task (its parent in the tree). We focus on(More)