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Nowadays, underwater maintenance tasks, mostly in the case of oil and gas industries, have been assisted by computer vision algorithms. An important part of these procedures is the rectification of stereo images, which is the first step in the stereo 3D reconstruction pipeline. Some aspects of the underwater environment make the rectification process(More)
Awkward control schemes or nonsense button-mashing are common complaints from gamers worldwide. Assigning actions to buttons can be a complicated task for the game designer due to the limited quantity of buttons available on the joystick used in the current generation of video games. Along the years, the industry has increased the number of buttons in the(More)
In the field of 3D reconstruction there are two main challenging tasks that require careful consideration, namely, feature detection and matching. The corresponding automatic process introduces noise resulting from the image capture and spurious features matching. A number of robust algorithms for hypothesis evaluation have been suggested; they would deal(More)
BACKGROUND There is controversy on the effects of the non-ionizing radiation emitted by cell phones on cellular processes and the impact of such radiation exposure on health. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether cell phone use alters cytokine expression in the saliva produced by the parotid glands. METHODS Cytokine expression profile was(More)
The 3D reconstruction can be employed in several areas such as markerless augmented reality, manipulation of interactive virtual objects and to deal with the occlusion of virtual objects by real ones. However, many improvements into the 3D reconstruction pipeline in order to increase its efficiency may still be done. In such context, this paper proposes a(More)
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