Samuel M. Nicholls

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The constancy of stratum corneum thickness suggests an ordered decrease in intracorneal cohesion binding forces. In this study, intracorneal cohesion was measured in the vertical dimension by cohesography and the number of cells released after applying a standardized stimulus was determined before and after repeated stripping of the same sites with adhesive(More)
UNLABELLED : We present Goldilocks: a Python package providing functionality for collecting summary statistics, identifying shifts in variation, discovering outlier regions and locating and extracting interesting regions from one or more arbitrary genomes for further analysis, for a user-provided definition of interesting. AVAILABILITY AND IMPLEMENTATION(More)
High-throughput DNA sequencing has enabled us to look beyond consensus reference sequences to the variation observed in sequences within organisms; their haplotypes. Recovery, or assembly of haplo-types has proved computationally difficult and there exist many prob-abilistic heuristics that attempt to recover the original haplotypes for a single organism of(More)
We live in a world of rapidly changing advances in technology, particularly artificial intelligence and connectivity. Rather than a general artificial intelligence the reality is that we are moving more towards a world populated with specialist artificial intelligence systems. Therefore we are likely to have specialist medical intelligences, specialist(More)
Small businesses are often grouped together for analytical purposes, yet the industry a small business operates in is also likely to play an important role in determining a firm's financial characteristics. For example, small mining companies may be more similar to other mining companies that are currently benefitting from high commodity prices, while small(More)
It is generally recognized that volatility in the prices of securities is due, in part, to traders continuously revising their preference sets in response to the arrival of unanticipated information. In particular, traders may update beliefs about the value of an asset in response to information on both market microstructure and the macro-economy. We argue(More)
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