Samuel M Levey

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Health officials have promoted case management as a promising intervention in substance abuse treatment (Ridgely & Willenbring, 1992). The relationship between organizational mission combined with case management and different types of outcomes has not been explored in studies, but they are worth noting and exploring further. This study, which is part of a(More)
This study evaluated the effect of case management, as a supplement to traditional substance abuse treatment, on health services utilization. Data for the study were taken from the Iowa Case Management Project (ICMP). The ICMP evaluated case management using a randomized research design. Residential clients who agreed to participate were randomly assigned(More)
Responses to a survey of 637 Iowa children under age six years from Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) households was conducted through telephone interviews with parents and compared to a second sample of children in 760 randomly sampled households. Utilization of health services for children in the AFDC sample was similar to that of nonpoverty(More)
Advocacy, a much-prized function of health care professionals, is also a largely unexamined concept. A careful review of physician advocacy reveals and ever-growing number of constraints, such as institutional and governmental cost-control policies, that serve to weaken its credibility. These complications, however, present and opportunity for recasting the(More)