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BACKGROUND Redesign in the health care delivery system creates a need to reorganize resident education. How residency programs fund these redesign efforts is not known. METHODS Family medicine residency program directors participating in the Preparing Personal Physicians for Practice (P(4)) project were surveyed between 2006 and 2011 on revenues and(More)
OBJECTIVES Little is known about the attitudes of men unselected for a family history for prostate cancer concerning genetic testing for prostate cancer risk or genetic testing for inherited cancer predisposition. To explore this, we examined the interest in molecular testing for hereditary prostate cancer (HPC) predisposition among a self-selected cohort(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The Patient-centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a central concept in the evolving debate about American health care reform. We studied family medicine residency training programs' continuity clinics to assess baseline status of implementing PCMH components and to compare implementation status between community-based and university(More)
Maintenance of Certification for Family Physicians was created to enhance the quality of care delivered by family physicians but risked decreasing their engagement due to the increased burden of meeting additional requirements to remain board-certified. Participation by family physicians in Maintenance of Certification remains higher than predicted.
The performance of a recirculating ventilation system with dust filtration was evaluated to determine its effectiveness to improve the air quality in a swine farrowing room of a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). Air was exhausted from the room (0.47 m(3) sec(-1); 1000 cfm), treated with a filtration unit (Shaker-Dust Collector), and returned to(More)
After two years of intensive study, in 2004 the Future of Family Medicine report concluded that the current U.S. health care system is inadequate and unsustainable, and called for changes within the specialty of family medicine to ensure the future health of the American public. With guidance and encouragement from many disciplines and health experts, a set(More)
The exploration and understanding of the human genome has begun to alter the nature of health care. Scientific advances have provided tools to predict susceptibility to a number of adult-onset diseases, including cancer. Some of the most powerful lessons learned about both the promise and the threat of hereditary cancer risk assessment have come from the(More)
BACKGROUND New approaches to enhance access in primary care necessitate change in the model for residency education. PURPOSE To describe instrument design, development and testing, and data collection strategies for residency programs, continuity clinics, residents, and program graduates participating in the Preparing the Personal Physician for Practice(More)