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Carbon concentrating mechanisms (CCMs) are common among microalgae, but their regulation and even existence in some of the most promising biofuel production strains is poorly understood. This is partly because screening for new strains does not commonly include assessment of CCM function or regulation despite its fundamental role in primary carbon(More)
Diverse natural products are synthesized in plants by specialized metabolic enzymes, which are often lineage-specific and derived from gene duplication followed by functional divergence. However, little is known about the contribution of primary metabolism to the evolution of specialized metabolic pathways. Betalain pigments, uniquely found in the plant(More)
Betalains are tyrosine-derived pigments that consist of red-violet betacyanins and yellow betaxanthins. These pigments are major sources of natural food dyes in the United States. Decades of table beet breeding efforts have increased betalain pigmentation, but yellow betaxanthin accumulation has been lower than that of red betacyanins. To identify possible(More)
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