Samuel Lahtinen

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In the current web, end-users’ involvement on creating content for the modern web applications and participation on tailoring their own web applications is increasing. These applications are often called Personalized Web Tasks. Thus, in addition to software developers, end-users are now participating in the service development through personal service(More)
The abstract syntax of a graphical modeling language is often defined by a metamodel. Typically, a metamodel is given as a class diagram, serving as the grammar of the modeling language. Especially in the case of complex meta-models, there is a need for tool support for assisting the creation of models. In this paper, we propose a method for task-driven(More)
A study performed semistructured interviews of 12 seasoned software architects and developers at nine Finnish companies. Its main goals were to find out how the practitioners viewed the role and importance of refactoring, and how and when they refactored. Another goal was to see whether shortened cycle times and, especially, continuous-deployment practices(More)